vendredi 7 mars 2014

Life-changing: the Crossing

A friend asked my why nothing good was happening to him, why he could not get the good first, and then leave the bad behind. This is the picture that formed into my mind...

At some point in your Life, you stand at a zebra-crossing. Behind you is your current life, friends, lovers, issues... On the other side of the street is your new life, happy, fulfilling, waiting for you.
The light is green, the cars have stopped, there is even this guy in a flashy yellow jacket urging you to cross. But you don't know... How can you be sure this new life is better? Can't you just have a taste and then decide wether or not to keep going this new way?

Life is all about zebra-crossings. You cannot expect the new life to come to you if you are not ready to let go of the old one. Yes, there will be a time of uncertainty, a time during which you will be alone, wondering, inbetween... You will have no security.
This time, you dread it will last forever. How can anyone know for sure? Is there anything sure?

Yes. This time will last just long enough for you to cross the street. The crossing itself is safe, all you have to do is take the first step. When you do this, you will be on your way. Whenever you are on your way, things move quickly. This time is a time for friends, people who really care about you and you can count on. This is when you find you are not alone. All you have to do after taking that first step is holding your hand out, asking, and a friend will grab it and cross with you.

This first tiny step depends on your free-will. You cannot expect anyone to make it happen for you. It is not only about saying you want to cross: it is about showing you want to.
Remember the story of the man who prayed all his life to win the lottery, and when he died he was angry at God for not answering his prayers. God said all he had to do was to buy a lottery ticket but he never did.
See how action is important? The stream of Life will always lead you to the same destination, but it is up to you to row your boat from time to time so you do not get stuck on driftwood, get carried away into rapids or cross the fisnish line swimming.

What I like the most about zebra-crossings is that they go both ways; all you have to do is to wait for the red light to turn green again...

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