samedi 2 mars 2013

Smoking weed, meditation and spirituality

I recently started to offer my point of view and some help on the Spirit Science Forums. On this particular topic, I have no active/voluntary experience in smoking weed. However, I spent some time discussing with a regular, who had similar issues about quitting, and here is what you can do if you do not feel ready to quit yet, but are willing to improve.

When you smoke, dedicate your joint to awareness, to the seeking of Truth and greater consciousness etc. Smoke it when you are alone (or go some other place). Feel it. Take your time. Be fully conscious of what happens inside you, body and mind. Focus, and shut your phone down.
Roll it as you would perform a sacred ritual. Keep the herbs in a nice box. Keep the box in a place you consider as a temple, sacred.

When weed is not directly available in front of you, like open on the table, the need is less present. You will not be like "Hey, my hands are empty, let's roll a joint" and then "Hey, got a joint in my hand, let's smoke it".
When you smoke consciously, you know why you do it, not just  because "friends around" or "feeling lazy" or "partying".

I personnaly am against the use of drugs that weaken your mental defenses. Yes, you get higher, quicker. Yes, you are more open to the spiritual world.
You have no idea what can get inside when you are so open and unaware... Many lost souls wait near bars at closing hours, just to get inside a new body, drunk and defenseless.

You need no force of will to work it out. All you need is diligence. Make the dedication a habit and half the job is done.

Keep true to yourself. If you do something, know why you do it physically, mentally and spiritually, and live with it.

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