lundi 20 décembre 2010

Paris 2007 @Amma’s

The funny thing is that every day about 5000 people come to Amma's meeting, and two-thirds of the hotel clients were dressed up in sarees and unusual natural clothing.

When we arrived at 10:30 a.m., Amma was already giving the Darshan: an embrace during which you get all the love of the world. It was just wonderful, enormous and extremely organized (they give you tickets and you wait for your turn, but this is necessary: in 36 years, she gave the Darshan to over 26 million people on Earth!).

In the evening, you have the Bhajans, so-to-say devotional chanting, plus some teachings through stories.
Here are some:
- A man goes to see an old friend he had not seen for years. When he gets to his home, he hears his friend calling his wife "sweet heart" or "darling" all the time. When the wife goes away to the kitchen, he asks: "After 35 years of mariage, how can you still call her all these sweet names? It is very nice!". And the friend answers: "Tell no one but for the last 10 years I haven't been able to recall her name...".
- Many people who read a lot think that they can learn anything just from books. However, wanting to know the taste of honey by licking the word printed in a book is not very efficient, is it?

On Sunday, you had the Puja, ceremony where holy water is made. The water was smelling of Chlorine, but it was a very high experience in terms of energy.

Later on, Amma meditated a bit to incarnate Mother Earth, and gave a special Darshan called Devi Bhava. Some people say that it is nothing, that gurus are liars etc., but if you are on a spiritual path, you experience very very unusual things (no drugs involved). For my 22nd birthday, my mother took me in her arms, and my Mother welcomed me in the World.

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