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Protection ritual: putting under a bell

This is the English translation of my previous blog.

This ritual is no magic. From what I understand now, it uses the principles of Quantum science. It is not linked to any religious belief and can be use by anyone who knows how to write, or eventually draw and imagine/visualize.
If you think your partner could benefit from it but won't believe in anything spiritual, just use the amazing: "What do you have to lose?".

Principle of the protection ritual

You are putting the person under a glass bell (like cheese). Anything this persons sends towards you, wether consciously or unconsciously, will be sent back. You will not be under that person's influence anymore.

Necessary gear

- 1 blanck sheet of paper (min. 10x10 cm / 4 in square)
- 1 rigid piece of cardboard or wood, or any book that is at least the size of the paper that you won't miss for the next months: you will use it to move the contraption easily.
- 1 glass or jar, not too big (usually I take peanut butter or a whisky glass that is clean and without writings)
- 1 pen that works well

How to

Set yourself at a table, in a calm environment.
Put the paper on the rigid medium/book.
Put the glass upside-down on the paper to see how much space you can use to write "inside" the glass.

Write the name of the person you think causes you trouble, so when you put the glass over it the name will fit into it with a bit of margin.

You can do it on several lines, and preferably visualize the person's face when you write the name.

Put the glass upside-down over it, like a bell. Keep it steady by pressing one finger onto th bottom, so you will easily be able to work your pen around the glass.
Use the pen to make a seal by tracing alongside the glass and onto the paper. You can go back and forth several times, but the circle must be complete. Imagine this makes the contraption air-tight.
When the seal is in place, do not move the glass onto/from the paper, or you'll have to start again.

Put the bell in a place it won't risk being bumped into: top-shelf, above the wardrobe, in a closet (if pets).
If necessary add a sign "Please do not touch - Tell [...] if you happen to do it by mistake".

Every 3 to 6 months, undo the contraption, clean the glass (dishwasher is fine). If you feel it is necessary, make a new one.

The effect is often immediate. If you happen to meet the person and feel pressured, just imagnine a mini-person yelling inside the bell like a trapped mosquito, and give it a BIG smile.

If the person is deliberately into a putting a spell on you, you will probably have news within 2 weeks, seing her panicked because all the bad happening to you before is happening to her now. Leave her to understand it by herself, and she will be better as soon as she stops trying to get at you.

For an extra boost, and if you know how to, program a crystal to spread Love, and put it above the glass.

Possible side-effects of the protection ritual

As said before, the person under the bell might experience bad things. Don't worry, it is not your fault: you are just doing a back to sender passive effet.

If the person really wants to hurt you and is versed enough into magic, she can protect herself from your protection. If you see one of your family member starting to behave strangely, have him/her put that person under a bell. The back-to-sender will happen to the equivalent person on the other side, with double-power. Usually, it starts with the partner, then the child or pet.
I have been used this way to hurt my mother. That person's son brke his leg the next day.

It could be that several people work on you in a group. If so, check how many (with a pendulum, for example) and write "That guy and the 3 other people".

You always know the person who started it, even if she/he uses a surrogate for the ritual (call-on voodoo wizard or something). Then just write "That person and the one helping him/her".

You can only do that for yourself. You cannot do it in place of someone (this would be meddling with free-will). 
If you have a pet under attack, then visualize the pet linked to your Heart by a glodish-light thread when you make the bell. If possible, have the pet on your lap.

If you know how to program crystals, you can point a quartz to the glass to send Love. The effects will be amplified.
You can also write the name on a tiny piece of paper that you fold and place under the glass. The rest of the ritual (sealing) remains the same.

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