samedi 5 avril 2014

My favourite things

I have been reading Teal Scott's blog (she's a woman about my age who incarnates the new sense of spirituality most of us are drawn to), and she wrote that List of my favorite things. This made me wonder: what are my favourite things?

Feeling the cold air get inside my lungs
Kneading dough
The sound of the rain
The scent of the air just before a storm
The soft touch of shadow in Summer
Freshwater, and swimming in lakes
Facing the wind
Sewing, tearing fabric
Cocoa, cinnamon & chili
Cooking... I am into dehydrating things right now
A warm cat purring in Winter
Walking in the rain

So many things coming up and I am not even into food yet...

Fixing stuff
Old trees & big stones
Dishwashing... washing & cleaning in general
Crunching numbers (accounting is so much fun!)
Long hair
Have people raise an eyebrow at me, and then smile in wonder
Knowing I have a family out-there

No, sorry, too many things I like, love, to pick anything else...

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