vendredi 8 février 2013

To feelk, as to think through your heart

When I came up with this new word, I did not know it was already part of the Urban Dictionary. However, I do not give it exactly the same meaning.

To feelk, is one par feeling, one part thinking. It does not mean relying on one's emotions only. It is some kind of processing, analysing, through your Heart.

When someone asks me about the righteouness of an action, of a thought, of a premonition, [now] I just ask them to think about it through the Heart.
This Heart is meant not only to remove all the filters that the ego, the brain and the fears have applied, but also to look for the answer beyond everything, the one that lies in this Pure Love we all have a sparkle of.

So, when you are confronted to a situation that troubles you, take a breath and ask yourself how you feelk about it. The Truth is there.

It is not easy to differentiate the Heart from the Ego disguised as a heart. The more steps you take on your path, the easier it will become.
Sometimes you will not like what you feelk. It will go against some social principles that tell you to stay at that party, to remain with those people... What is the most important for you? What do you feelk is the most important?

To give you an example, there is this friend who was with me when the word came up. This friend I would like to keep in touch with. But he needs to stay away for a while. Or better, I feelk I need to let him be on his path away from me. The brain & the friend want to know if he is doing OK, even help maybe. The Heart says whatever and however he is doing, it is right for him at this very time. So even if this makes me sad, I am glad he is on His Own way. We'll come across each-other in a year or in a decade.
There is no chance, but appointments with Life!

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  1. I love synchronicity

    Just recently resources regarding this very topic of listening to the heart has come before me and I just thought I'd click your link from the Spirit Science forum and go figure, the same topic I have been thinking about today was behind this link.


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